Memorial Day in the White Mountains of Arizona

Starting to prepare for the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend.  Normally I would be in Indianapolis for the Indy 500 but it didn’t work out for me this year.  So, instead I will be spending 5 days in Alpine, AZ boondocking and rock hunting.  I am a bit nervous as this will be my very first trip for a 5 day boondock and I am not quite sure if I have planned Water and Power appropriately.  But the only way you know is to try.

As this is a rock hunting trip, with multiple off road adventures, I am planning on taking my Toyota Tacoma TRD truck.  This will be another new first, towing with a truck instead of a sports car.  I am also plan on leaving Kitten back in the camping area, all by herself.  I have the Proven Lock ready to put on the hitch and hoping that will be enough (gulp).

Starting to pack clothes, food, and preparing kitten for the trip.