Water Canyon, NM and Boy Scouts

Boondocking in a National Forest

I flew back in and went to pick up Kitten from Holiday Travel Trailer of NM.  I can’t say enough about the people at this location.  From the owners of the sales to Carl in service they are all so very friendly, caring and take great care of Kitten.

Today is Cinco De Mayo and I stopped in at WalMart (shudder) to pick up some supplies for overnight.  The makings of burritos for my boondocking visit to Water Canyon, NM.

I read up a lot before I visit locations.  What is the road like (I am driving a sports car), how are the camping spots set up, is it a popular location, do I need reservations, etc.  I really did do my due diligence before I got to Water Canyon Campground.  The road is graded, passenger cars are able to get through it, and well set up campgrounds with no utilities.  I turned into the campground and started up the first incline.  I felt a bit of a slide on the wheels but made it up fine.  THEN I saw the next incline with deep water ruts and sliding rocks.  Okay, there is no way I am taking Phantom and Kitten up that.  But now I need to get out of here which means I have to back up!  My backing up skills are still in the beginner stage, I am not a novice anymore but this is some super advanced backing up.  However, I made it back down the hill and found a nice little turn out and parked for the night.  Set up, made my dinner and went for a walk in the cool mountain air while watching the cows play around my new makeshift campground.

Boondocking is one of my favorite things in the world.  You find a beautiful forest and park.  You get to ramble around in natures playground all by yourself.  Well until the boy scouts show up for their weekend camping trip. Luckily for me they were up in the campground that I wasn’t able to get to.

Life is an adventure and you are never sure who you will meet on the road.

I am sure you are wondering what adventures Dragon and Kitten got into?  They went flying off into the mines and looked for buried treasure while I hung out with the cows.