Aliens and the VLA

There is something about driving through the upper desert in New Mexico.  You are on the 60 highway rambling through Pie Town and then there is a vast plain as far as the eye can see.  Off in the distance you see large telescopes, 28 in all, gathered together pointing to the sky.  It sends chills through your soul wondering what they are listening too out in the far reaches of space or maybe as close as Saturn as they listen to the signals from the sky.

I got out and sat and daydreamed about all the adventures in the universe that Dragon and Kitten could be getting into.  I am interrupted by giggles as Dragon and Kitten sit up above me on the edge of a telescope whispering secrets.  I only hear a couple of words from above “Alien”, “say hi!”, “Dragon clouds”, and “Kitten’s Planet”.  I stop eavesdropping because if the Men in Black come to visit I want to have deniability.

Come fly with me into the sky, maybe we can find a world made out of sapphires and filled with the roars of Dragons and the Giggles of Kitten.