The Beauty of the Day

Mogollon Rim outside of Forest Lakes, AZ

Drove home from Phoenix today up through Payson, AZ.  The valley was a beautiful 80 degrees but as I reached the higher elevation the snow was on the ground and a lake had formed by the side of the road.  I could have rushed along cruising through the forest and enjoying the ride, but sometimes you have to pull over, get out of the car and dance in the sunlight, giggle at the trees singing, and enjoy the beauty of the day.

What an important reminder that, “even though the Dragon can fly, sometimes you need to land and play in the snow.”

If you look really carefully a Dragon and Kitten are having a snow ball war off in the distance.  Oh and Dragon promised not to use his flames to melt the snow before it hits him.

Life is Meant to be Lived!