Adventures Along the way

Peralta Trails, Superstition Mountains. First Boondocking trip.

The first trip out for camping was quite complicated, interesting, stressful and fun.

I did my first major tow through Salt Canyon in Arizona.  Basically a 2 hour drive with an elevation change of 7k feet and very twisty turns on a two way highway.  While the towing was a blast, I had a surprise when I got to the bottom.  The brakes on Kitten were making clacking sounds.  After an overnight stay in the Superstition mountains, off I went to Desert Autoplex to find out what was going on.  It seems that my brakes had seized up and needed to be adjusted.  Ouch, that was a hit to the bank account.

I picked Kitten up and off we went to the Estrella Wars at Schnepf Farms, on the way every time I put my foot on the brake the Airstream brakes would seize and jerk Phantom.  Quite scary, but I was going to take care of the problem after the War.

I can not say enough about the wonderful people at Schnepf farms who took great care of both Phantom and Kitten.  I also received my first proposal!  A group of women were driving by on a golf cart as I was away from my rig trying to figure out where to park.  I heard one woman say, “holy Sh*t that is gorgeous”.  Another go “wow” and as I walked to Phantom and Kitten a third called out, “will you marry me?”.  It appears that Phantom and Kitten became the toast of the War and everyone was talking about them.  Ahhh, to be such superstars!

As I left the War, it was a trip back to Desert AutoPlex where, after another hit to the pocket book, it was determined that the extra piece that I had on between the car and the Brake Controller wasn’t necessary and was causing the brakes to have power fluctuations.

Above a picture in the Peralta Trail Boondocking area.