Kitten Comes Home


After first making an offer for a brand new 2017 16′ Airstream Sport and realizing that there would be ~6k in unrealized equity going out of my pocket, I withdrew my offer and started looking again.  From a 2008 Dual Pano Bambi to a 2012 International Signature I kept on getting prices that were the same as a brand new Airstream.  THEN, on Airstream Classifieds I woke up and there was a brand new 2017 16′ Airstream Sport that was only 3 months old up for a private sale.  Called immediately and I was the first.  After a 4 hour drive to Albuquerque to check it out, an offer was made and 3 weeks later (Essex Credit wasn’t very customer friendly) I was the owner of a new Airstream.

I introduce you to Dragon and Kitten!

The 5 hour drive was my first tow of a Travel Trailer, all the rest were 20 minutes with a flat bed.  All I need to say was it pulled like a dream and it is hard to keep the speed at the 60-65 mph mark.

So, lessons learned:

A European Car needs to have a special plug to be able to pull a trailer. If you don’t have that plug then all of your car’s systems go crazy.
AirStreams and Porsche’s go together like peanut butter and jelly
The Airstream is just the first part of the purchase, now you need to stock it

Love my new addition to my family and I see Dragon and Kitten adventures in the near future