Decisions… Decisions… Decisions…

I have owned a Class A RV for 4 years and it just isn’t working for me.  It sits in the yard in between trips and you are constantly having to maintain it.  When you do travel, you arrive at a place and never leave it as who wants to drive a 30 ft. trailer to go 10 miles down the road to experience howling with the wolves.  Yes, I can carry around a toad (towed vehicle) but THAT is a pain as just driving the trailer itself is no fun.

So, what does a person do?  They search for a travel trailer that they can tow around with their Porsche Macan and go and enjoy the world.  However, an ordinary travel trailer won’t work for me.  I have to be picky and an Airstream has become my dream.  Finding the brand was easy, finding the perfect trailer…  not so much.

16, 19, 22…  4500#, 441#…  40k, 55k, or are you out of your mind?

The Porsche Macan will pull 4500 lbs and has a tongue weight of 441 lbs (why they couldn’t just make it 450, I have no clue).

  • 16ft:  3,500 lbs and 350 lb hitch weight
  • 19ft:  4,500 lbs and 550 lb hitch weight
  • 22ft:  4,500 lbs and 393 lb hitch weight

Just by looking at the number the 19 ft looks like it is out of the running.  But, when you call dealers and read online they all try to talk you into going over the specifications of your tow vehicle.  I contemplated this seriously, but at the end of the day I really do believe that they have #’s for a reason.  Safety and the long term health of my car was important to me.  FINALLY, I knocked the 19′ off the list

Now it is down to the 16 and the 22.

The 16 is cute, great for a single person and can sleep 4 people (well it would be awfully tight to live in, but it can sleep that many).  The downside is it has a wet bath (you take the shower in the toilet area and need to clean it and dry it afterwards) and has a combined Black/Grey tank which means that water management is VERY important.  COST:  46k

The 22′ is great for multiple people to stay in it and has a dry bath and has a tank for the black and a tank for the grey (little less water management).  Looks beautiful but you are carrying around more length.  Is it really as easy to go for a jaunt around the country when you have to carry around all that extra space?  COST:  55k

I have gone back and forth and around the world on these two models.  LOVE both, could be happy in both but I don’t want to put out that much money for a new 22′ and it is hard to find a used one in my cost frame.  The 16′ has the ongoing drawback of the wet bath.  That is the main reason why I keep on stepping back from the 16′.  I love the size of it and it may be close if friends are camping with me but maybe we should explore the world and not be locked up inside anyway.

I have been through the questions so many times and done many comparisons all over the place.  I think I am leaning towards…

But I probably will change my mind tomorrow.airstream