Learning to Tow

Today was my 2nd time towing and I am starting off small with our 10+ year old Toyota Tundra and a 12 ft. trailer.  My trepidation of towing was very high as my foray into driving my Class A Motor home (2004 Damon Daybreak) was a pitiful mess.  So pitiful that I have owned it for 4 years and probably driven 5 times, the balance as well as how high you sit in it basically makes me feel like I am flying and have zero control of the situation.  Very scary for not only me but anyone else on the road with me.  But, towing a trailer has been a breeze.  The awareness of the tow vehicle comes easy and the vehicle continues to drive like a vehicle instead of a monster chasing after me.

The towing went well and I even survived the backing up and parking.  Now most people would learn how to back up and park in a big huge parking lot on a flat surface.  Not me, I needed to go for advance parking for my second foray.  I packed up in a very tight and enclosed area going uphill on gravel.  I wish I could say that it was a miracle and it only took me a couple of maneuvers, however 25 maneuvers later I was finally parked.

I still have some practice, but I feel like my dream of the #Bambi #Airstream is closer to becoming a reality.