3 Year Cancer Free – Time to start a new dream

It is hard to believe that 3 years have passed since I went through my double mastectomy.  In that time, I have had 9 additional surgeries (some for infection and a lot for reconstruction), gotten my MBA (top 4% in my class, done in 6 months), my ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (hardest test I have ever taken) and pretty much lived my life.

As I get ready to shed the angst of the past and celebrate my 48th Birthday I am starting to build my next set of dreams.

For my 47th birthday and 2 year cancer free anniversary I got myself a Porsche Macan so it makes sense for my 3 year I get something shiny to tow behind it.  Something like a pretty shiny Airstream!

I am still in the deciding phase and the searching.  I think I will start to blog about what it takes to determine the perfect new toy for my Porsche.