08/29/2013 – Where Overachiever is not all that

I will stop going by days now.  Time moves on, either very quick or very slow depending on where I am standing.  That would be a good definition of relativity.

I am 6 days out now from surgery.  6 days, it still seems like forever.  But, I notice that my body has a different opinion.  My back is stressed and my breast where the cancer is, is sore.  I have trouble focusing.  But, still life goes on.

So far this month, I have started my MBA and finished 3 of my classes (I do love competency based schooling), dealt with work, and prepared for surgery.  I even survived my mid-year review.

I think I need to work at being less of an over achiever.

If the world rated my stress level right now, I think I am at a 8.  I need to sit in the quiet and read and not think.