Day 31 – 08/18/2013 Thursday, August 29, 2013

It is hard to believe it has almost been a month since I was diagnosed with cancer.  It feels like a year.  So much has happened and yet I feel like I am just not accomplishing anything at all.  I just want the surgery here and done with.  Then move on to the next part of my life, recovery.

I received another appointment from the Mayo Clinic, this one is a couple weeks after surgery and is for occupational/physical therapy.  I am glad that the Mayo is ahead of the game and looking at the long term and how to heal and grow with a part of me removed and another item in its place.  Or maybe this is to help with the potential of Lymphedema, whichever it is, it is more than I have read other people receiving during their recover.

I read Angelina Jolie’s overview on her clinics website.  The one piece I took away was the recommended vitamin regimen as well as the follow up to get the anesthesia out of the system.  I will be printing it up and following it.