Day 21 – 08/08/2013

Dear Friends:   I wanted to let you all know that I have been diagnosed with a rare form of Breast Cancer called Paget’s Disease of the breast.  The good news is that I have excellent medical care and we found it very early on and everything is looking positive about it not being invasive.

I am scheduled for surgery on September 4th.

It is a hard decision to make, whether or not to share something so personal with the world.  I used to believe that I would be the person who kept it all internal and be strong on my own.  However, I have learned that having the support of loved ones and friends is something all of us need.

I ask two things:

The first, is that you be on top of your health and follow up on your mammograms.  For the men on my friends list, remind your loved ones to get theirs.  But, that you also go beyond your mammograms and follow up if you feel that anything isn’t quite right.  My mammogram showed no issues and was perfectly clear.  However, I had a change to my skin which proved to be cancerous.

The second thing I would like to ask is that if all of my friends could send out some positive energy into the world.  Whatever your religious or non-religious beliefs, just send some wonderful positive energy out into the world and it will make a difference to everyone who is going through a tough and stressful time.