Day 10 – 07/28/2013

Whatever you do, don’t…

Read the forums and blogs.  Seriously, if you want to drive yourself crazy, get frustrated and get angry that is the place to go.

I read one woman’s saga and came out the other side thankful for the Mayo Clinic followed up by a theory that if you are a person who is negative and the sky is always falling that cancer enhances that feeling.  You do not automatically become a spiritual person who starts to live life to its fullest.

However, you do start eating better.  Fruits, vegetables, and organic food make its way into your refrigerator and body as if the cancer will magically go away in weeks just by eating better.

That is one of the items that is so confusing to me.  I eat well, I am not obese, in relatively good shape.  I have never smoked, am a light drinker and have never done drugs.  I am young and I have a rare form of breast cancer.

So life goes on.