Alaska – 09-14-2012

Sitting in the lounge drinking water and live as I catch up on photo editing.

Last night we moved down to the Misty Fjords where the sheer granite walls with the trees clinging to the crevices have mists streaming through them.  The sun and the blue sky is barely peeking through to add interest to the photos.

Breakfast was definitely filled with a cynical outlook from my fellow travelers.  Disappointment leading to discontent.  Plans of mischief and entertainment wherever it could be found.  The lack of wildlife and the ‘inspirational’ moment is what most people have issues with.  The “if only” is part of the conversation as well as the ‘wouldn’t it have been nice’ is also discussed.  The psychology of the second guesser of disappointment is always interesting to note.

I wanted my inspiration, that element that made the trip more than a movement between one place and another.

Life is about the moments in time.  It is about the nature around you reminding you of who and what you are as just an element in time and space.  Alaska, the final frontier, the untouched land.  The land where time is being written as you stand there watching it form around you.

You start at Mendenhall a place still being formed yet retreating at the same time, now you move down to Sawyer Glacier where you float up and watch the calving occur and the world re-form around you as the seconds tick by and you watch water rush towards the sea and the waterfalls cascade down.

Next you move down towards Baird Glacier and walk over the final break down of the glacier that had formed over millions of years and it deposit rocks, creates streams and rivers where many lifetimes from now man will see a forest where you only saw a barren land.

Now move on to Misty Fjord over 2 thousand years later and you see what the world will become.

Who are we, who do we want to become?  These are the questions that should be uppermost in our thoughts as we experience the beauty of the world around us.

As I sit and write, a plot is hatched to show any wildlife possible.  The sun starts to shine and the boat starts it’s movement towards Ketchikan and the end of our journey.

For lunch, we have floating bears and eagles tied with strings hanging down the windows over the lunch area.  The call of “bear” goes up and the boat lists to the side as people rush to see anything, anything at all.  Laughter floats through the room as the realization that it is just a stuffed animal and suddenly discontentment breaks with laughter.

Later in the day we move out to somewhat open water and the sun starts to shine in glorious color on our last day of travel.  Tomorrow we dock in Ketchikan.  As the sun shines down, Doll Porpoises come out to play and jump in the water in front of the boat before dancing around the bow.  Small orca colored porpoises filled with joy and my heart lifts up as I have my Alaskan moment.  Pure Magic.

Later is the Captain’s dinner willed with whales reported off in the distance.  However, the true magic is the night sky.  To finally see it after 8 days in Alaska is a wonder.  I sit for 3 hours in my jammies on the bow of the boat, away from the antics of my fellow passengers in the back.

The sky is clear, filled with the stars of the Milky Way and Pleidas is off in the distance.  As we stand and take it all in, random shooting starts flare in the distance and also in the water.  It looks like fireflies are swimming around the boat.  Pure incandescent magic.