Alaska – 09-13-2012 – Alaskan Adventures

There comes a time when you just need to admit that a trip is cursed, I am officially at that point.  Yesterday was spent travelling up the narrows to Wrangell where the flightseeing and fishing were cancelled as the weather was atrocious and the rivers were running too hard to fish in.

I wanted some fresh grilled fish for lunch, so instead of eating on board, I went to the restaurant on the wharf overlooking the fishing boats.  As I sit down to order my lunch, I was surprised there was no catch of the day.  As a matter of fact, the only fish on the menu was fried.  I asked my waitress why, and she informed me that due to the laws, the fish needed to be flash frozen on the boat.  Face Palm, head hits the table.  I ended up order a fry bread pizza with flash frozen fresh fish haddock (uh huh).

From there. I walked in the heavily misting rain toward the local museum showing the history of Wrangell and the Tlinglet people.  I was amazed that the Tlinglets kept slaves.  The other element that shocked me and came from out of nowhere was that the Wrangell had their own witch trials were a 100 women lost their lives.  How does that happen, you ask?  Well the Tlinglet’s are a matriarchal society and the Medicine Women, were well women.  The bible clearly states that, “Thou shall not allow a woman to have power, so kill her.”  Go to love the Christian philosophy.

I met up with some people from the boat for a pub crawl.  There were 3 pubs in the entire town and they actually still allow people to smoke in them.

It was in the afternoon and everyone in the bar was already slurry.  After buying and drinking a round, I noticed a Budweiser mirror of Christian Fittipaldi’s car.  Ahh, the good old days of racing.  About that time I was done with being wet (okay, all my clothing layers kept me dry.  But, it was grey, drizzly and the town’s entertainment was exhausted).

I got back to the ship and did some photo uploading and chatting with my fellow passengers.  Next up was dinner followed by my bed.

We moved down to Yes Bay overnight and had some rough seas.  When I woke up and looked out the window and saw the pretty hard rain, I just knew that the scenic float plane experience wasn’t happening today either.  So, I went up and did some great yoga with Chella in the rain, got changed and found out that my inkling was correct.  No flights.  However, Chella did have an opening for a massage and it was wonderful.

Time for lunch and the announcement that gale force winds were expected and all activities was cancelled for the afternoon.  So, time to head to my room and catch up with my writing and playing video games.