Alaska – 09-10-2012 – Day 3 – Alaskan Adventure

What a wonderful day today, I woke up and had an excellent morning of yoga with Chella.  The captain Danno even joined us for the morning stretch.  I can’t use enough flowery overly gratuitous words to properly cover the wonder of doing yoga outside in 40 degree weather with the mists shrouding the mountains and the movement of the ship rocking beneath you and the crisp fresh air filling your lungs.  Take a moment and breathe and you feel recharged and refreshed.  Tomorrow, or even tonight, I need to find 15 minutes to do a meditation on the deck and find center.

This morning, I found out that not enough people wanted to go camping.  For instance, there was exactly one.  Me.  I think I am crazy.

After breakfast, I went off to kayaking 101 where Corey and I partnered up.  So, on clear glass water out at scenic bay, I kayaked for the first time and fell in love with the quiet of the water, the sound of waterfalls, and the beauty of the Alaskan day.

After even more food, it was time for a hike on the glacier.  As I walked through the mud, stood upon the debris strewn land and realized that below me was ice that went back into time.

I want to stop and discuss the wonder of that.  Think about the places you have been in your lifetime and recall how many times someone’s stated that the landscape was created by glaciers.  Probably more times than you even remember or recall.  Yet, I was standing on one and walking down the timeline of the world.

First, you start by standing on the glacier.  A silt and debris covered piece of ice that goes down 10-20 stories.  As we move back towards the boats we look at the crevices and the fault lines.  As you look deep into them you see the most spectacular blue, almost the color of my blue diamond earrings.  Well before I lost one down into one of those crevices.  But, that is another story.

Now, we continue walking on the ice and next to it is an up thrust of rock which has been ground away with deep holes where there used to be boulders which were torn away from the power of the glacier.  Deep scars carved along the sides of the rock and layers upon layers where the power and the weight of the ice had created them.

Now further down the path you move forward in time, where lakes are forming.  All around the lakes is rock debris.  But the lakes are deep hollows where the mud has gathered and is so soft in places that when you put your stick in, it will go several feet deep and in some situations would even cover your head.

Now mover further down on the timeline, even closer to the present where streams have formed with the rocks getting smaller from being ground and tumbled up.

Now the water streams towards the larger lake and now we enter the meadow where lichen forms and the birth of trees occurs.

The wonder of the world is not in technology or science, which is created by man.  No, the magic of the world is that which is created by nature and can never be duplicated by man.  We are not that smart nor are we that talented.

Now time to prepare for dinner, but before that time, I want to share my contribution to nature.

Sometime about 10 million years from now, some enterprising alien who has a bucket list item of visiting Alaska on the planet earth is going to find a single blue diamond.  This alien will speculate that that this must be a blue diamond breeding ground.  Next thing you know, 10 million years from now, there will be a blue diamond rush and aliens from all over the universe will come to the area to open up diamond mines.  what they won’t realize is that once upon a time, in the long ago past, it belonged to an aqua eyed blonde who went hiking 10 million years ago and made a contribution to opening up the mining and travel industry on this unknown planet called Earth.

Open Mic night winding down and time to head to bed.  Yay for 1x data speed in the wilderness of Alaska.