Alaska – 09-09-2012 – Day 1 and 2 on the boat

We left Juneau yesterday and motored down to Tracy Arms Fjord overnight.

Juneau was an interesting city, a state capitol of 30k people.  However, it is a cruise ship tourist city with 30+ jewelry stores all owned by the cruise ships.

An amazingly beautiful area when you get away from the city.  I visited the Wrengell Glacier, but no chance to hike on it as there was only 45 minutes to visit before the bus took us back to board the boat.  But the pictures from the area are beautiful.

We boarded the boat around 6pm and quickly got oriented. Even though this is considered more of an adventure cruise than a luxury cruise, the age range is 55+.  I believe that other than the crew, I am the only one in their 40′s.

This is the last cruise of the season and you can tell the crew is more anticipating going home than the spirit of adventure.

Last night’s dinner was salmon and a perfect blueberry cobbler that was perfect as it was focused on the blueberries and not too sweet.

This morning I woke up to ice floating past the windows and headed up to do yoga on the deck.  The temperature was in the low 40′s and misting rain cascaded down as we moved through an hour yoga stretch.

The hardest part about traveling solo is group meals. The tables are set up on configurations of 4-6 person configurations. You pick up your food from the buffet and wander until you see an open seat and you smile and ask if you can join them. It reminds me of the cafeteria junior high when you wander around looking for a seat, “hi, ummm is this seat open?  can I join you?”  You know they won’t say no, but that innate shyness comes out and you cannot help the ingrained insecurities of a lifetime.

Currently, I am sitting in the lounge waiting on my skiff ride to get closer to the glacier. All around us is ice chunks floating around the boat and the mountains are a mass of waterfalls.

I signed up for the snorkeling expedition, which has enough people to go, and the overnight camping that so far does not have enough people.

My allergies are definitely not happy as the cabins have a strong mold smell that leaves a rock in the throat.

The skiff to Sawyer Glacier was cold with a slight drizzle on the way out. However, by the time we got to within a quarter of a mile the sun showed its face with a blue sky and clouds. The one element of the glacier that stands out in my mind is the amazing blue with the glistening white and meringue on top. It looked like blue lace agate. As we motored back to the ship, they pulled a chunk of ice from the water (growler) which was reminiscent of the quartz in my necklace.

After lunch and visiting a waterfall, I took a break for a wonderful massage with Chella. As the day ends, I sit here in the lounge writing as happy hour flows around me and the wonderful smell of dinner in the air