Alaska – 09-08-2012 – Alaska – Why is it so early?

I am on vacation and I just caught a 6am flight from Fairbanks to Juneau (stop in Anchorage).  I woke up and the temperature was 32 degrees, we even had to de-ice the plane.

The airport was a breeze, arrived at 5am, check-in, flew through security, and walked right onto the plane.  Alaska Airlines is interesting as this is my third flight with them and each time they have closed the door 10 minutes early each time.  I would also like to give a call out to the nicest flight attendants I have had the pleasure to fly with in years.

Next up on the adventure list is to explore Juneau and board the Un-Cruise on the Wilderness Discover on InnerSea Discoveries.

As I sit on the plane in Anchorage I notice that the age range is decidedly 60-80’s.  To all my friends who are reading this, I want to remind you that life is short so pursue your dreams, live your life and discover the wonder of the world now.