Alaska – 09-07-2012 – On Buffalo and Beer

My Arctic Circle flight has been cancelled due to weather conditions.  So the trip to Fairbanks, AK needs to be salvaged in some way.

The University of Alaska Museum has a sound room that takes the sounds.of the world and translates it to music.  if the earth has seismic activity you hear a rumble and feel the bass, as the northern lights flair you hear the chiming magic in the air.  I want a silent room.  It was amazing.

Now I am at the Silver Gulch brewery enjoying a crafted Blueberry Wheat beer (amazing) and about ready to have a Buffalo Burger.  BTW, that is actually made out of Buffalo not made like buffalo wings.

Oh, Gail, as one of my Northern lights chances has been removed, you may start to work on your ice driving as I may need your driving skills to make numer two on the bucket list happen.