Preparing for Alaska

Star is sitting doing her meditation when she hears some clattering noises off to the side.  She keeps on breathing, trying to tune out the sounds, when there is a loud crashing noise.

Star slowly peaks one eye toward the sound while trying to focus on her breathing.  Kitten is tiptoeing with a pile of ‘stuff’ in her arms.  She is wearing bright blue rain boots with silver stars on her paws.  On her head with a stylish black beret with a big silver rose in sequences on the brim as well as a a big poufy bright blue down jacked on, even though it was 96 degrees outside.  In her paws she holds electronics, hiking pole, clothes, hiking boots and a camera.  As one item slips she would move to grab it and another one would fall.

About the time the hiking pole clattered to the ground, again, Star gave up on her meditation and devoted her full attention to Kitten.

“Kitten, what are you doing?”

“Oh, I didn’t want to interrupt.  You should be breathing and clearing your mind.  Don’t mind me” replied Kitten.

Kitten reached down to grab the fallen hiking pole and her beret toppled to the floor.

Star stretches and gets up and snags Kittens hat before anything else fell.  “I am done, let me help.  And, um, what am I helping with?”

Kitten jauntily walked in her adorable rain boots admiring how cute and sophisticated they made her look.  “I am packing.”

Star quickly ran through next week’s schedule and realized that she was home for a week.  “where are you planning on going?”

“Alaska!  Remember our trip?  You haven’t forgotten?  You promised!  13 days, no work, no school, just enjoying the adventure.”

“Kitten, Alaska is not for a month.” At this point they walked into the closet and Star sees Kitten’s piles of stuff sitting in her suitcase.

“Kitten, you remember that we are going by plane and Dragon isn’t flying you there, right?”

“Of course!  We are going together and we are having a peanut feast on the airplane.  I love airplane peanuts.”

At this point, Start isn’t sure which part of the bad news she should share first.  That they don’t serve peanuts on airplanes anymore or that they were doing carry-on since on Alaska Airlines they didn’t have status, which meant no first class and they were limited to one bag.

“Kitten, we can only take one bag and it has to all fit into a normal carry-on bag.  We can’t take a whole lot of stuff.”  I said kindly.

“You are silly, it will all work out. “ she smiled her kitty smile.

Any time Kitten smiles her, I am an adorable kitty smile, I know I am in serious trouble.

“So, aren’t my boots cute?” Kitten asked

I smiled and wished my life was as simple as Kittens.  I kissed her on the star on her head and told her that she was beautiful and went back to my meditation.  I think I am going to need the peace over the next month.