Packing for Alaska – Ducky comes to visit

Dragon and Kitten had their heads together looking at the computer screen in front of them.  I was slowly trying to figure out how I was going to get everything into the suitcase.  It should be simple, pack items and close the suitcase, it isn’t like I haven’t done this before.  But, I refused to check luggage.  If it was just me, I may have been alright.  However, Dragon and Kitten were insisting on flying in the plane with me instead of taking the Dragon Express and somehow the two of them, which were very small in comparison to me, had 4x the items I did.

Hmmm, the logistics of space and time.  Basically, we lived in one dimension, so something had to give, which probably meant some of my clothes as kitten could not possibly live without 4 pairs of shoes and her hair dryer.

“Ducky!” Kitten cried out.

I turned to look and flying through the screen door was Suse’s soul pet, Ducky.  Ducky is a bright white duck (when she wasn’t yellow, aubergine, golden, or whatever color her imagination wanted to be that day).  She had shining golden eyes and is Dragon and Kitten’s best friend along with Sandy, the Sandman’s soul pet.

“Hi Ducky, you here to visit Dragon and Kitten?  How is Suse?” I asked.

“Quiggle-ack! Suse is wonderful and misses you and I am here to go to Alaska with Dragon and Kitten, they invited me to adventure with them.  You all packed?  My stuff should be arriving…”

I heard a knock at my door and went to answer it.  The Fed-Ex guy had a box to sign for.  Dragon, Kitten and Ducky peeked around the corner as the door shut.

“There’s my stuff.  Kitten you have to see my coat, it’s aubergine and will look wonderful when I am golden.” Quacked Ducky.

Dragon flew to me and plucked the box from my hands, “I got it” and flew away with Kitten scampering and Ducky waddling after him.

After concluding I was not needed for their antics, I went back to contemplating the packing issue, which now had the added complexity of Ducky’s stuff needing to be packed.

Kitten was excited that Ducky had decided to join them on their adventure and was excited to see what she brought to wear.  “Hurry up Dragon, open the box” She called out as Dragon flexed a claw to use to cut into the box.

Ducky quiggled and leaned against Kitten in excitement and flapper her wings a bit and lifting off the ground in excitement.  The tips of her wings went from white to crystal and the light hit them and created rainbows around the room.  “I can’t wait to meet Santa Clause!” she said.

Dragon rumbled a purr-growl in agreement, “neither can I.  Do you think we are on his nice list?” he asked as he got the box open and Ducky flew to it and pulled her stuff out.

“Of course we are on his nice list, we are the sweetest most innocent, kindest soul pets ever.” Kitten purred as Ducky pulled her jacket from the box.  “oooh, cute jacket, put it on”

As Ducky put on her big poofy jacked and hopped into her muck boots that matched her aubergine jacket but had gold hearts on them, kitten couldn’t resist getting into her outfit that was blue and had silver starts on the boots.  Dragon didn’t need any warm clothes as his fire always keeps him warm, but he put on a jaunty purple scarf with clouds on it.

“Let’s go show Ti” Kitten said as she scrambled towards the closet where Ti was still staring at the suitcase.

As I turned around to see what mischief the soul pets could distract her with, I couldn’t help but giggle.  Ducky was poufy, so poufy that all you could see was fluff on the top of her head and her two feet with golden hearts flashing fellow.  A giant aubergine pouf ball with a heart of gold.  Kitten was a powder blue fluff ball filled with stars.

“Hi guys, umm, Ducky can you fly in that outfit?” I asked ever so carefully around my giggles.

“Quigle-qua-fly” was heard from the aubergine ball.

I looked towards Dragon and raised a brow in question.

Dragon replied with a flight smirk on his face, “She says she doesn’t need to fly, she is going to be traveling with us on the plane and the train.  We are all going to be adventuring together.”

Now I know that ‘adventuring together’ meant that they would cause mischief and I would need to have bail out money.

I turned and looked back at the suitcase and contemplated how I was to going to pack everything into a carry-on while at the same time trying to keep my sanity on an airplane with 3 soul pets, ‘along for the adventure.’   I was also plotting what adventure I was going to send Suse on, after I got back from Alaska, so that I could recover.

As the 3 soul pets  went to plan and plot their mischief, excuse me ‘adventures’, Kitten called out “we wouldn’t cause mischief, we are sweet”

“adorable” called out Dragon

“innocent and nice” called out Ducky

“soul pets” concluded Kitten.

I decided that it was time to check in with Suse.


To:  Suse

From:  Ti

Subject:  Alaska and Soul Pets

Hi, miss you loads and bunches!

Did you know that Ducky is going to Alaska with me?


To:  Ti

From Suse

Subject:  She is so excited

Ducky said Kitten and Dragon invited her, she is very excited to meet Santa Clause.

I told her to behave

Miss you too.


To:  Suse

From: Ti

Subject:  You actually said that with a straight face?

I can’t believe you actually told her to behave with a straight face.

In New Orleans we can always pretend someone else caused mayhem and havoc, but Alaska is a large place with very little people.  It makes it difficult for me to ‘pretend’ I have nothing to do with it.


To:  Ti

From:  Suse:

Subject:  Bail

I am sure you can always pretend it was the bear that did it.  The bright pink bear with the tutu.

Don’t worry; I have bail money set aside and can always use an excuse to fly to Alaska.


To:  Suse

From:  Ti

Subject:  And pigs shall fly

Great pink bears, flying pigs and a Dragon, a Kitten, and a Duck.  I won’t need bail, I will need a padded room.

I just heard a squeak from the other room, I should check to see if that part of the house is still intact.



After sorting out the mischief, the soul pets had decided brownies would be good for the flight.  I am not sure I will ever find all the places the chocolate ended up.  I was back to the suitcase.  No matter how much compression, sorting, squishing or wriggling on top of the suitcase, it was not going to close.  The only way it was going to close was if I removed all my stuff and just took the soul pet’s ‘necessities’.

“Dragon, Kitten, Ducky, come to the closet please” I called out.

A flurry of fur and feathers and some dramatic smoke appeared in the closet door.  After a couple of sneezes, the pets were visible (I wonder where Kitten and Ducky get their assortment of outfits?)

“We have a problem, all our stuff won’t fit in the suitcase.” I told them solemnly.

They all started to giggle at me.

“This is serious, I can’t pack everything, and something has to go.” I tried by best to sound stern and serious but their giggles were starting to get to me and I found myself giggling along with them.

Kitten looked at me with mirth dancing in her aqua eyes, “You worry too much and it will cause you to have wrinkles.”

Personally, I think hanging with all three soul pets in Alaska was going to cause me to have wrinkles, but I refrained from sharing that thought out loud.

“Pets, something has to go and I need clothes.  People can SEE me and they will notice if I am running around nekkid.” I tried to be reasonable.

But Kitten put on her stubborn face and I knew I had lost before she even opened her mouth to say a word.  There is something about Kitten.  She seems like the sweetest little ball of fluff.  Everyone underestimates her, yet she always gets her way and it has nothing to do with the fire breathing dragon who is her best friend.  But, when she gets her stubborn look on?  Game over.

“Okay, Okay, we will check luggage.” I said in defeat before she had a chance to even make a sound.

“You are being way too human.” Kitten huffed.

I wasn’t sure what to say to that, as I WAS human, so I thought I would be smart and just say nothing.

“We have a Dragon, why do you think we need to worry about space and stuff?  Seriously Ti, I love you but you can be aggravatingly human in your thinking sometimes.”

I continued on in my silence but looked towards Dragon and asked a question with my eyes.

“Timey, Wimey, Spacey, Wacey, like that means anything to a Dragon.  Stop worrying, Kitten has everything under control.” Dragon reassured me.

Which for some strange reason scared me, rather than reassured me.

Ducky, who had been quiet through all of this, started to fly through the screen door towards the pond.  “come on, we need to plot our visit to Santa Claus” she called out behind her.”  Which reminded me that I had even more to worry about than closing the suitcase at the end of the day.